Project Maize

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The Threat

Today's leaders are in a live-fire fight, but it is the United States taking all the shots. Disinformation strikes at the speed of a one-line social post that influences regional support and constrains maneuverability. Project MAIZE is a prototype dashboard and toolkit that utilizes machine learning and human intelligence to track and target threat narratives, enable response options based on attack vectors/actors, and assess impacts using publicly available information.

Project Maize is the solution.

  • Disinformation campaigns are created, transmitted, and consumed at super-human rates across the globe.
  • There is currently no tool that allows operators to track, analyze, and respond effectively "at the speed of the narrative."
  • Maize is a prototype application that employs publicly available information and machine learning, paired with human analyst interface, to highlight disinformation narratives, relevant response options, and impact assessments.

Disinformation strikes at the speed of a one-line social post. Maize strikes back!

Readiness in 1 year: Maize will emerge as a top-tier toolkit for alerting and analyzing disinformation campaigns globally, fueled by news media and multi-platform social media data.


Employs news and social media data to detect disinformation campaigns as they emerge


Machine learning detects patterns in trends within the disinformation campaigns to provide tactical details and strategic insights


Reduces response timeline for operators from MONTHS to DAYS


Detects change in the information environment as a direct result of the response implementation

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